Do You Need My Supa Luv? (Part 2)
“I’ll depart tomorrow morning. You don’t have to see me go.”
“How can I?”
“Tell me you want me to go with you, I’ll go!”
“I can’t, you have to stay. You must finish your study.”
“I can go to school in Korea!”
Eunbyeol stopped.
“I can’t take you there, you have to stay here. Do you hear me?”
Tears in Eunbyeol eyes. She had no longer listened, she put her phone away.

“Not going to school?”
Chunji was behind Eunbyeol. Lifted two big luggages. His face was so sad.
“How could I?”Eunbyeol replied,“So just until here? You promised not to leave me?”
“Everything’s changed.”
“Your love changed?”
“No, my life.”
Eunbyeol was crying again.
“Don’t cry, I don’t want to see you cry. You can go home now, bye.”
Chunji turned around. Eunbyeol caught his hand from behind.
“Do you really have to go? Can’t you stay?”
“I’m sorry.”
Chunji turned again, kissed Eunbyeol’s forehead and left. Eunbyeol couldn’t hold her tears.

Eunbyeol went home after school. She never could forget Chunji. She had to do something.
Eunbyeol met her mum in the kitchen.
“Mum, I want to go to Korea, can’t I?”
“Why so sudden?”
“I don’t know, I just want to go back there. Can I? Please.”
“It’s okay, but how’s your study then?”said her mum while cutting the vegetables.
“I can go to school there.”
Her mum stopped then looked at her daughter. Eunbyeol showed her innocent face.
“Okay.”said Eunbyeol’s mum, smiled.

Eunbyeol was in airport, alone. Her mum couldn’t accompany her because of job stuff. She didn’t care. She would go, whatever happened.
Her plane was ready. She was ready.

Eunbyeol arrived in Korea. How could I find Chunji? She was looking for an inn. And she got it. After that, she looked for a school. She has been here before. So it wasn’t so hard. She went back to her inn and arranged plan to found Chunji.
She browsed in the internet. Maybe, she could find him. She typed CHUNJI. A lot of results opened. She clicked the first result. Little explaination there.
Chunji, works at TOP media.
Works?, mumbled Eunbyeol. She searched the address.

The next day, she walked along the street, tried to found TOP media. She arrived at the street that stated in the address. She asked people around and surprisingly, it was just a few metres ahead. She found a quite big building, and entered.
She went to the receptionist table. There was a boy standing in front of the table too.
“Excuse me.”she asked the receptionist,”May I know if there is someone named Chunji works here?”
The boy beside him shrieked. Eunbyeol stared to him, wonder if she knew him.
“Do I know you?”Eunbyeol asked politely.
“No, but I know you. Hello, I’m C.A.P. I invite you for a drink. Cmon.”
“Wait, I don’t know you, I’m here to find someone.”
“I’ll tell you everything, cmon!”
“You will?”Eunbyeol asked doubtly.
“I will.”

C.A.P brought her to a coffee shop.
“Please sit down.”said C.A.P.
Eunbyeol sat in front of C.A.P and he ordered 2 drinks.
“Well, in I’m not mistaken your name is Eunbyeol, right?”C.A.P started.
“How do you know?”
“I just know haha.”
“So you know Chunji?”
“You know Chunji?”
“I think I heard his name few times.”
“You know Chunji?”
“Not really. I…”
“There is nothing to talk about then.”Eunbyeol cut C.A.P,”Thanks for your time.”Eunbyeol bowed then left. C.A.P was watching her walked away.
“She will come again.”C.A.P mumbled while smiled.

Do You Need My Supa Luv? (Part 1)
Title : Do You Need My Supa Luv?
Author : Kim Eunbyeol (thespectra)
Cast : Kim Eunbyeol (Author)
Chunji (Teen Top)
C.A.P (Teen Top)
Genre : Romance, drama
Rating : Teenager
“This is different story (again). But I use the same name for myself. Please watch me grow. Enjoy, and please comment, I need it very much =D Thank you ^^~”

Part 1
“Do you like this food?”
“Yes, I really like it, it’s tastier because you made it.”
“Haha why you keep like this?”
“I don’t know, maybe because I love you.”
“I don’t believe it.”
She’s smiling.
“Do you miss there?”
“Well, I can’t go there by now. Still study here, my father still work here. Why? Do you miss Korea?”
“I really want to go there. But I still think about it.”
“Are you planning to leave me?”
“NO! Of course no, I just want to go there.”
“Please don’t leave.”

“Do you have time tonight?”
“I guess so, why?”
“No, it’s just I want you to meet me.”
“Yes, Eunbyeol?”
“Are you okay?”
“I’m okay. Is it too much if I want spend my time with my girlfriend?”
“No, this is weird. You usually not like this.”
“Meet me, tonight at 7pm near the park.”
“Okay, be there. Bye, love you.”
“Love you.”
Chunji’s tears were falling down.

Chunji sat on a chair beside the park. He’s waiting her girlfriend, Eunbyeol, to come. Then someone closed his eyes from behind.
“Hey, don’t play with me.”Chunji was grinning.
“Why do you know this is me?”said Eunbyeol.
“I just know it. You hands.”said Chunji while holding Eunbyeol’s hand.
“So what do you want to do?”
“What do you want to do?”
“Eh? You’re aksing me? It’s you who take me here.”Eunbyeol was smiling.
“What do you want the most? I want to grant your wish.”
“Be with you is my wish.”
“Ah how about we go watch fireworks? It’s near town.”
“Okay cmon.”
They were holding hands until the place.
“It just begins!”Eunbyeol screamed. She pulled Chunji’s hand and smiled. She saw Chunji, his eyes looked wet.
“Yes? Beautiful, isn’t it?”Chunji smiled by force, while holding Eunbyeol’s hand tighter.
“Ye… yes, so beautiful.”
Something’s wrong.

“This is Chunji. Call again later. Beep.”
Why didn’t he pick the phone?
“Eunbyeol! Hurry up, you will be late!”Eunbyeol’s mum wass calling from downstairs.
“Okay, mom!”

Eunbyeol arrived at school, and didn’t see Chunji around. She asked her friends but no one knew. She’s getting worried.

Eunbyeol was working on her homework when her phone’s ringing. She saw the name of the caller. BF Chunji. She was roughly picked the phone up.
“Hello! Yes? Chunji?”
“Hello. What are you doing?”
“Doing homework. You?”
“Just lie down. “
“Hey, why you skip school today? And you didn’t answer my call.”
“I was just… I have something to think about.”
“Ahahaha I do always think about you too.”
“Thanks, but you can stop think about me now.”
“What?”Eunbyeol fixed her phone glued more to her ear, make sure she heard right.
Chunji stopped.
“I can’t stay here anymore, I will go back to Korea.”
“What?! I… you… why?”Eunbyeol felt that her tears were falling down.
“I’m sorry.”Chunji held his tears.

The Life for Him (part 9)
She can’t stand to hear that.
Her back against the wall.
Her tears fall endlessly.
She hit the wall by her hand.
Her head is spinning in its own.
Half of her life is for him.
She gave her life just to make sure he has enough time to say how he loves his dream girl.
She lost her own life.
Inside her was already ripped away.
She lived only with her hope that he can realize her love.
But it’s too hard, there’s no one in his eyes beside the girl.
The tears doesn’t want to stop…

Katakan kau mencintainya, Bodoh.
Air mata Eunbyeol tak berhenti.

“Iya bu?”
“Kemari, ada yang ingin ibu bicarakan.”
Terasa sangat aneh ibunya berbicara sebegini serius.
“Ada apa, Bu?”
“Begini, kau suka Kyuhyun?”

Tidak mungkin, dia tidak mungkin saudaraku. Kyuhyun TIDAK MUNGKIN SAUDARAKU!
Ini menjelaskan semuanya, ginjal, sikap ibu Eunbyeol waktu pertama kali bertemu Kyuhyun. Tapi tidak mungkin ia saudaraku, AKU MENCINTAINYA!

“Dia saudaramu.”
“Kyu? Siapa?”
“Kyuhyun siapa?”
“Tetangga kita.”
“Dia saudara kembarmu.”
“Tapi kenapa kami terpisah?”Eunbyeol tak bisa menahan air matanya.
Ibu Eunbyeol menangis dengan keras, ia tak mampu lagi berkata-kata. Tapi bagi Eunbyeol itu tidak penting lagi. Akh perutku sakit lagi, kata Eunbyeol dalam hati.

“Gagal ginjal. Maaf bu.”
Dokter menjelaskan kepada ibu Eunbyeol, dan sekarang Eunbyeol tidak sadarkan diri di dalam kamar rumah sakit.
“Sebenarnya ia lah yang menyumbangkan ginjalnya untuk Kyuhyun-sshi.”
“Ia memaksa.”
Tangis ibu Eunbyeol pecah.

Eunbyeol sulit sekali membuka matanya. Ia sadar namun lumpuh. Seluruh tubuhnya terasa sakit sekali. Ia merasakan pipinya basah karena air matanya.

Di luar kamar Eunbyeol, ibunya menelpon seseorang.
“Bisakah kau ke rumah sakit sekarang juga?”

Suara Kyuhyun, gumam Eunbyeol dalam hati.
Semakin dekat.
Pintu kamarnya buka keras. Eunbyeol tidak bisa membuka matanya. Tapi ia bisa merasakan itu Kyuhyun.
“Eunbyeol…”Kyuhyun menggenggam tangannya, ingin sekali ia balik menggenggam tangan Kyuhyun namun ia tidak bisa memerintahkan tangannya bergerak.
“Aku sudah mendengar semua dari ibumu, tidak, ibu kita.”
Eunbyeol mendengar suara Kyuhyun bergetar.
“Eunbyeol aku seharusnya yang menyelamatkanmu, bukan sebaliknya. Aku menyesal sekali aku… aku…”
Tangannya, suara bergetar. Eunbyeol ingin sekali tersenyum. AKH sakit sekali!

Detektor detak jantung melemah. Kesadaran Eunbyeol menurun. Di sisa kesadarannya, ia berkata dalam hati.
Half of my body and life are in him.
I don’t care, because that’s his right.
Because he is my brother…
Good bye, Kyuhyun, keep survive for Eunri, no…, for me.
Detektor detak jantung melukiskan garis lurus.
“EUNBYEOOOOOOL!”Kyuhyun berteriak.

~the end~

The Life for Him (part 8)
Kyuhyun berteriak kepada Eunbyeol setelah jauh dari rumah Eunri. Eunbyeol hanya melihat dari belakang. Ia tak tau apa yang harus dikatakan, maka ia hanya mengikuti Kyuhyun berjalan.
Kyuhyun berhenti.
“Maaf aku… tinggalkan aku sendiri…”Kyuhyun menunduk membelakangi Eunbyeol.
Eunbyeol diam dibelakangnya. Ia bingung harus meninggalkan Kyuhyun atau tidak. Akhirnya Eunbyeol berbalik.

Eunbyeol berangkat sekolah sendiri. Ia setengah berharap Kyuhyun lewat di sebelahnya dan mengajaknya ke sekolah bersama. Tapi tidak, tidak juga pada hari berikutnya.
Sepulang sekolah Eunbyeol datang rumah Kyuhyun.
“Annyeong haseyo!”
Tidak ada yang menjawab.
“Ibu! Kyuhyun!”
Eunbyeol seperti menyadari sesuatu, lalu segera berlari.

Eunbyeol berlari di lorong rumah sakit, lalu ke meja resepsionis dan bertanya kepada resepsionis tentang pasien bernama Kyuhyun.
Ia mengintip ke kamar Kyuhyun, ia tidak sadar. Ibu Kyuhyun duduk di sebelah Kyuhyun, menggenggam tangannya. Tiba-tiba ada yang menepuk pelan pundaknya. Ia menoleh, dokter Kyuhyun.
“Ne! Ada apa dengan Kyuhyun apakah ginjalnya…?”
“Ia mengalami kecelakaan, lalu berdampak pada ginjalnya. Ia mengalami pendarahan parah saat sampai di sini, sekarang pun ia belum keluar dari masa kritisnya. Aku tidak tau apakah ia bisa bertahan.”
“DIA BISA!”Eunbyeol agak berteriak lalu meninggalkan dokter sambil mencoba menelepon Eunri.
“Eunri, angkat! UGH!”Eunbyeol menyumpah.
Kyuhyun, tahan sebentar lagi. Kau luar biasa pecundang hah? Belum juga kau mengatakan kau mencintai Eunri!
“This is Eunri, leave your message!”
“Eunri! Cepat kembali ke Korea! Kyuhyun sekarat!”teriak Eunbyeol sambil menutup teleponnya.

“Eunbyeol-sshi!”dokter memanggil.
Eunbyeol cepat menoleh.
“Kyuhyun kekurangan darah, ibunya sudah menyumbang darah banyak sekali, dan kami tidak bisa mengambil darinya lagi. Boleh aku tau golongan darahmu, mungkin saja kau bisa mendonorkan kepadanya?”
“Tentu! Aku bergolongan darah O, ayo cepat!”
Eunbyeol masuk ke ruangan dan segera dipasangi alat yang tak mau ia lihat. Ia takut. Terasa sakit, ia berusaha menahannya. Aku bisa menghasilkan darah lagi, Kyuhyun tidak bisa…
Lalu tiba-tiba lingkungannya gelap.

“Eunbyeol-sshi? Eunbyeol-sshi?!”
Eunbyeol bangun.
“Apa yang kau rasakan?”
“Apa yang terjadi?”
“Kau pingsan, itu wajar. Apalagi jumlah darah yang kau keluarkan cukup banyak. Ada yang bisa aku ambilkan?”
“Apa aku bisa keluar?”
“Jika sudah tidak pusing, boleh.”kata suster sambil tersenyum.
Eunbyeol berusaha duduk di tempat tidurnya, lalu turun dan berjalan tertatih.
Eunbyeol menuju kamar Kyuhyun, mengintip dari pintu. Di sebelah Kyuhyun bukan ibunya, tapi Eunri. Dadanya tercekat, namun ia berusaha menahan dan hanya melihat. Lalu ia mendengar Kyuhyun berbicara.
“Eunri, aku kehilangan banyak darah ya?”tanya Kyuhyun, dari suaranya Eunbyeol tau Kyuhyun sangat sakit.
“Iya…”Eunri menjawab dengan terisak.
“Aku… kau yang memberikanku darah?”
Eunri menoleh ke arah dokter, dokter mengangguk cepat.
“I… iya. Kau sudah tidak apa-apa kan sekarang?”Eunri gugup.
“Terima kasih, Eunri.”

[NEWS] Arirang UCC Contest
 My K-Pop!! Arirang Global UCC Contest !!

- Theme
Let's K-Pop dance & sing like becoming a K-Pop star!
Please join arirang UCC Contest by recording video.
The winners' UCC will be aired on ArirangTV.

- Entry Qualification
Anyone, Anywhere in the world! (No limit on nationality nor age)

- Schedule
Registration period : Nov. 19, 2010 (Fri.) ~ Dec. 19, 2010 (Sun.) for 31days
Announcement for the winners : Dec. 30, 2010 (Thurs.)

- Awards
Arirang President Award Gold Prize: 2,000USD (1 person)
Gold Prize: 1,000USD (1 person)
Silver Prize: 500USD (2 persons)
Bronze Prize: Crystal USB (10 persons)

Facebook: arirangworld
Twitter: @arirangworld

Credits : arirangworld @ yt + thespectra


[PICTURE] 101126 Kim Bum's Photo in Election Promotional Pamflet

Can you see how huge our Korean wave? Even now Kim Bum's photo is in President's Election Promotional Pamflet in Faculty of Agriculture in University of Sebelas Maret, Indonesia. We should proud of this haha

Credits : thespectra

[INFO] S.M. THE BALLAD releases first teaser, “Hot Times”


It was revealed today that SM Entertainment’s newest project group, S.M. THE BALLAD, will be unveiling teasers today for their much anticipated first album, ‘Really Missing You’.

On November 22nd, starting from “Hot Times” and through all of the five songs, SM Entertainment has begun using various teaser sites to allow fans to listen to one minute teasers for each song.

S.M. THE BALLAD is a new project group managed by SM Entertainment with members from various SM managed groups who were loved by fans for their powerful vocals, including TRAX’s Jay, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, SHINee’s Jonghyun, and new singer Jino.

Meanwhile, S.M. THE BALLAD’s first album, ‘Really Missing You’, will be on sale at various online and offline sites this coming 25th.

Check out the teaser for “Hot Times” below!
Credits : allkpop + RaiBaka @yt + thespectra


[NEWS] 101118 U-Kiss' Confession "Disappointed When Being Called 'Dongho & The Boys'"

7-members idol group U-Kiss talked about them feeling kind of betrayed when they were being called 'Dongho & Boys'.

U-Kiss recently appeared in Mnet 'Beatles Code' recording, and they shared some undisclosed stories to the public.

U-Kiss' Alexander in particular, where he said "Dongho is doing well. However, it was frustrating whenever we heard people addressing us as 'Dongho & Boys'".

Among U-Kiss' 7 members, the youngest Dongho is very well known due to him appearing frequently in many entertainment variety programs. In some cases, people were joking around and addressed U-Kiss as 'Dongho & Boys'.

Also on the show, Alexander showcased and officially confirmed his talent in 8 languages such as Portuguese, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese etc. Not just that, Eli, who was once dream to be an action star actor, showed his Taekwondo and Kungfu skills by demonstrating a powerful kick, which earned him a huge response.

Besides U-Kiss, Roora was invited as a guest too. This episode of Mnet 'Beatles Code' will be aired on November 18th at 12:00AM.
Credits: kissmeukiss + TVReports + Osen + rocketboxx + thespectra


[PHOTOS] 101118 U-Kiss @ ‘The Kings of Freedom’ Official Press Conference (Fansign)



Credits: kissmeukiss + skipfire + kokokoreano + ukissmefrance + thespectra

[VIDEO] 101114 U-KISS - Perfect Man

Credits : jackhklee3 @ yt + thespectra


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